sRide Carpool: Corporate Green Initiatives in 2015

sRide ended year 2015 on a high note bringing a positive change to traffic conditions in Hyderabad & Pune. Not only did sRide create an impact on the environment but also a special space with its users, most of who are from different corporate within these 2 cities.
These users, whom we call as ‘Power Users’, are thrilled to use sRide as a medium to commute on a daily basis and have made sRide a part of their daily routine. Travelling twice a day to office and back was a everyday challenge but with sRide app, they can not only commute with their friends and colleague but also with people from other companies in near vicinity thus creating a new social circle.
A lot of effort went into creating this high density carpooling environment and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of various GREEN TREMS and corporate CSR groups. sRide worked closely with many such teams and created a strong traction among carpoolers. As of today: Dec 31st 2015 , sRide has users from across 887 companies who are using sRide platform.
A brief look into some of the major events we did in 2015:

1. IGATE, Hyderabad

sRide’s 1st Green Carpooling event of sRide in IGATE. More than 500 users took part in this initiative organized by the IGATE team and the IGATE CSR Team member was our 1st User who downloaded the App to lead the initiative of carpooling.
IGATE CSR patronage, took part in this Green Carpooling Initiative with great passion and helped to spread the word about carpooling in the all over the campus


2. Tech Mahindra

The 2 day event in TechM Hyderabad was a huge success as we were able to create a strong carpooling community of people who were genuinely interested in carpooling and create a positive impact for the environment
It was a lighting buzz in Tech’M event and the employees showed a lot of enthusiasm to understand alternate ways of commuting. TechM Hr played a vital role to spread the awareness about carpooling event in the midst of employees & Colleagues.

3. Cognizant, Hyderabad
Success of carpooling initiative has left a strong mark in Cognizant too. Due to a large campus, we help a 3 day event with an extensive support by the Green team of Cognizant to create awareness about benefits of carpooling. Cognizant AGM (Mr. Anurag) supported sRide carpooling initiative & also do carpooling on a regular basis.
sRide already had a community of users from COGNIZANT before the event had that helped to create a larger impact in the organization


4. CAPGEMINI, Hyderabad
sRide was part of Capgemini’s Daan Utsav – “The Joy of Giving Back”. sRide took another step forward in Capgeimini by not just promoting benefits of carpooling but also created awareness among employees about giving back to the society. The support shown by Capgemini HR and management has been unmatched and so is the GREEN impact created by CAPGEMINI employees.


5. Hyderabad 10K Marathon
sRide was official carpooling partner of HYDERBAD Marathon and had a booth at the 3 day event (registration as well as Marathon). 18,000 people took part in the marathon and sRide had a simple message for all of them.
“When you are coming to run a marathon, u don’t need to worry about driving to the venue or the hassle of parking. Carpool is the best way to come to the Marathon.”
More than 1800 visitors came to sRide booth and interacted with our volunteers. Most of these visitors who were taking part in Marathon were either from corporate or different colleges across the city. Traffic congestion, pollution and stress on roads was nothing new to them and they could connect very easily with the solution sRide was offering.
Thanks to the environment conscious and socially responsible people of Hyderabad, the event was a great success and sRide was able to bring a strong positive change in a big event like Hyderabad Marathon. We will see you @ the Marathon in 2016 !!!

Hyd marathon 2015