Donate your carpool earning to CRY (Child Rights & You)

Now you can feel double “Joy Of Giving Back” with 1 carpool ride. Reduce traffic and also help a child to get education
sRide Carpool has partnered with CRY and users of sRide can donate their carpool earning to CRY through sRide.
Spread Green Education: Carpool 3 times and sponsor child education for 1 Kid*

Terms & Conditions
1. You can write to us at regarding the amount they want to donate to CRY
2. It’ll be deducted from your sRide credit value
3. sRide Carpool will donate on behalf of you and share a certificate with your name
4. If you like this idea, share your certificate on your Facebook & inspire your friends to do the same.

*As per CRY, monthly education cost for 1 child is Rs 115

Donate with CRY