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Odd-even plan: Firms like MakeMyTrip, Panasonic encourage staff to sign up for carpooling apps

“Ridesharing app, sRide, which made its foray into the NCR just last month, has seen around 4,200 users from companies such as TechMahindra, Capgemini, Deloitte, Cognizant, iGate and IBM among others downloading the app in the last month alone. “If we all do not take this necessary step today, we will be creating another Beijing in India for our younger generation in the next few years,” “

Carpool apps get ready for Jan 1

““Car pool is the best tool to implement the philosophy of reducing traffic as it does not require any additional infrastructure cost and people can easily car pool using apps like sRide,” said Nitin Chadha, COO of sRide.”

Car pooling services in Delhi count their odd-even blessings

““We have already started working on a communication and marketing plan for Delhi,” said Nitin Chadha, the COO of sRide. “Odd and even will reduce the number of cars by two. Car pooling can reduce it by four, and you don’t need any additional infrastructure.””

sRide is An Uber For Instant On-The-Go Carpooling Service Solving Last-Mile Problem

“Targeted at everyday office going people, Pune-based sRide is making entire carpooling experience seamless using cutting edge technology under the hood cutting. Making a commute easier, cheaper and safer. sRide, follows the motto of ‘Connect on the go’, share a ride, share a moment, and save money at the same time. It’s a personal carpool tool – an easy way to find safe and friendly ride partners based on your social networks, and bring about a lifestyle change moving away from self-owned automobile dependency to shared services and active transportation.”

Gotta car. Wanna ride?

“Pune-based startup sRide, which was launched in April, is another strong player in the segment. “In cities we have fixed Rs.3 per kilometre and the commuters can pay through Paytm,” said Lakshna Jha, founder and CEO of sRide. “We also aim to focus on the social aspects as well as we feel that travellers share information about their jobs, and make new friends while commuting.””

Carpool, save trees and enjoy the social ride

“If you carpool once a week, you save seven trees in a year. 200 million people carpooling even once a week can save 1400,000,000 (1.4Billion) trees. With petrol cost hovering between Rs 65-Rs 75 across India, an average office commuter spends Rs 75K- Rs 90K per year. With car pooling, they can reduce it by 20-30% and save upto 15K-30K per annum even by carpooling once or twice a week.”

Carpooling apps make ride easy

“‘sRide’, an app developed by a team of software professionals based in Pune, Delhi and California in the US, is currently available on Android and iOS and any working professional can register with it by furnishing name, address, personal and official e-mail addresse. The app team verifies the member credentials through his employer records. Once successfully registered, the user can look up other registered members travelling on his route and time and connect with them to avail or offer a ride.”

sRide Carpool: Changing the way of everyday commute

“What is the most common thing that all of us spend our quality time on just before leaving for office around 7:30AM-9:30 AM & then repeat the same thing right before leaving office around 5:30PM-7:30PM – “Planning Of How To Avoid Peak Hour Traffic”. If rather, we could just spend 2 minutes on alternate commuting options available, we could not only help ourselves but also out city by reducing both traffic & pollution. That was the philosophy with which sRide was born”

Easy riders

“Swagatika Biswas, who uses sRide to travel with women only assures about the safety of the rides. “It’s safe for women as members are registered with their phone numbers and email ids. Furthermore one can check for the green tick beside a user’s name, and other details like company name and so on,” says Biswas, who works with Cognizant and commutes between Wakad and Hinjewadi Phase 3 everyday”

Forget Traffic Tension

“Many IT companies have transportation facility but those who do not have such facility will be able to use this facility safely. Both car owners & riders will feel safer travelling by taking or giving ride. This initiative will be more beneficial specially to working women.”

sRide aims to make carpooling fun one smartphone at a time

“We launched in Pune in the second week of April and we see every week hundreds of users registering for the app. In month of April itself we had more than thousand searches done for carpooling .The app is available on both Android as well as iPhone. sRide has a feedback and rating mechanism. This means riders and drivers can rate each other. Riders can also rate the fellow riders. These ratings are then automatically used by the app algorithm to create better matches for users.”

How carpooling became a hot new social trend in India

““We strongly believe that Indian ecosystem has changed a lot in the last three or four years. Carpooling is a natural fit to Indian environment as it solves all the four major problems related to commutation, which are traffic, high pollution, insufficient transportation options and high transportation costs””

Travel with inexpensive & eco-friendly app

“Car ownership is growing tremendously increase the cities today. Its causing large traffic problems. People work away from the main city & travel long distance to reach office”

Hoboken Mom Launches Community Carpooling App

“Hoboken is a great place to pilot because of its vibrant community and Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s commitment to build Hoboken into a hub for technology driven alternative and sustainable transportation.”

Startup and App Roundup

“This app was also built to ensure safety. The company screens the drivers to make sure they drive safely and don’t have a record. After a ride, users can review their drivers; sRide has “set up complex algorithms” to track drivers’ ratings for past rides, Jha explained. There is also a feature called “Ride Tracker,” which enables users to check where their ride is in real time while they’re waiting to be picked up.”

sRide: Old-Fashioned Carpooling – with a Modern Twist

“If every passenger car in the US carried just one additional commuter for a single day,” Jha says, “the U.S. could save over 30 million gallons of gasoline a day”

Six methods of car-sharing in Hoboken

“Unlike Uber, which Jha called a “technology taxi company,” sRide is “the real ridesharing app” because it capitalizes on the gregarious, charitable, and environmentally conscious impulses of Hobokenites.”

Going my way? N.J. woman launches new carpooling app

“Hoboken has a proud history of innovation, and it’s great to see members of our community building on that legacy to solve modern day problems,” Mayor Dawn Zimmer said in a statement. “By using technology to make sharing rides easier, sRide could create a new transportation option for our community thats saves people money, reduces the number of cars on the road and cuts pollution.”