“Carpool…but why is it good to carpool?” might be the question popping in your head right now! Well, there are quite a few benefits of carpooling, some of which we’re sure you know already – for one, it saves you money and allows you to travel with company giving you the opportunity to build connections and widen your circle. Now, let’s go ahead and lay out the reasons why you should be open to switching to carpooling, even if it’s just for a few days a week.


  • Cuts Travel Cost: There’s no overlooking the fact that carpooling does help bring down your travel expense immensely and save you money. With carpooling services like sRide, you can save up to 50% of your daily travel cost. If you’re a vehicle owner, the money you earn by offering carpool services will help pay for your vehicle repair and maintenance.


  • Keeps You Happy & Healthy: Air pollution has been a major issue in our country, especially in metropolitan cities. We all know how auto emissions lead to significant air pollution, leading to increased risks of health issues such as allergies, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Not just that, research also suggests that carpooling is much less stressful compared to travelling on your own.


  • Helps You Make New Friends: Though it might initially sound odd, commuting with colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances daily is a great way to get to know them and become friends. sRide allows you to connect with corporate users who are verified and therefore can be trusted. And when you do become buddies, don’t forget to plan a weekend outing, catch an sRide and hit the movies altogether.


  • Helps Our Environment: If we could all carpool to work and back, it would cut down the number of cars on the road to a great extent. This would mean there would be less emission of carbon and other gasses into the air, causing less pollution. Cleaner air, water and land mean a cleaner environment. Now THAT sounds like a hopeful world we would love to live in, doesn’t it?


  • Carpooling is an Easy Option: Carpooling is convenient and is an option that offers you flexibility. You don’t need to follow a certain pre-set timetable or push your plans to suit the vehicle’s arrival time. You can simply carpool based on when you require to. Whether you need to carpool one day a week or all seven days, you can do so by selecting people who wish to travel in the same route or those who can add you to their drive route.

If you were on the fence about ridesharing, we hope this pushed you over to the pro-carpooling side. Oh, and if you already were, don’t forget to share your happy carpooling experience in the comments section.

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