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  • Praveen Kumar Jami

    Hi Team,
    My bank has blocked the amount which you transferred now they have unblocked the account but they are saying they have revert back the money they are asking the transaction reference number could you please send me the rrn number and please respond to my mail which I already sent to the support team

  • Firoz KhanM

    Hi Team,
    I Can see while doing money redemption it not getting credit to account. I saw few similar complaint so are the suspect come to mind is are you guys misusing amount which we get by rider & not doing credit to our account. I have been doing follow up sine 15 days & money is yet to credit. Your concept is got but delay in redemption has food for thought. Please help.

    • Contact on our WhatsApp +1 (929) 219 3666

  • Swapnil Lokaksha

    Similar problem I am facing while redemption of the credits to my Amazon pay. It’s almost 15 days I am personally following up with s-ride support and false answers I am getting. I confirmed if any such transaction with Amazon and Amazon confirmed over email that there is no such transaction from s-ride.

  • Sumanta Sarkar

    Hi sride team

    I have bought the 40 rides voucher but when I book the ride still it is showing the high value, reduced amount is nit getting deducted. Please tell me the way to book it so that I get advantage of the voucher offer.


    • Nikhil Pakhale

      Sride voucher seems like fraud for people who are traveling less than 13 km. They will be charged for the 13 km irrespective of the distance. I bought the voucher and now paying 33+ for rides that were cost me 29 without sride voucher

  • Ismail Shaikh

    Hi sir/mam
    I want to join sRide as a rider in Mumbai location
    Call me +919326523354

    • Ismail Shaikh

      Reply please

  • Vinod Reddy

    sRide is reducing price, I am not sure why the price in morning is not same in evening, do sRide think that this is a Cab service??

  • Vinod Reddy

    Last week I had same problem, they said that there was technical issue and it got resolved, but it repeated this week also, I sent mail to them, they don’t responded to emails.

  • Ganesh Goje

    Hi Team
    I have raised a refund issue for Rupees 1205/- which was about to be deposited to Amazon pay. This was not paid and i have been reaching to support team since two week and no resolution on it.

    I am wondering how we manage this because we do not have ticket number#, Transaction details etc.

    Could you please confirm on this request…
    let me know if any information needed..

  • Sritha

    I have raised a ticket for the purchase of voucher for refund
    I have not used the voucher
    Get the issue cleared ASAP


    • Any Reedem Related issues please Contact on our WhatsApp Number +1 (929) 219 3666

  • Anshul Shukla

    I’m trying to redeem the amount of points in my paytm wallet for past 7 days but redemption is just not happening. I’m trying to reach support team via email but getting no response. There is no ticket number or complaint number. Are you guys misusing the money as you collect from the riders but don’t remit.

    • Avi Mondal

      For Redeem visit and fillup

    • Nishesh Dubey

      Is the money returned at last? Or they forfeited…

  • Hi,

    I’ve installed app SRide in my phone Nokia 8.1 , Android ver. 9, Aftermobile number registration when I’m selecting pick up & drop location and pressing continue key, again it’s come back in the same position and aging asking to input location.
    Kindly resolve the issue

    Priyak Biswas
    +91 9830 020 230

  • Balaji

    I have around 30 sride voucher with validity, but when ever opt for ride the amount is getting deducted instead of reduction in number of ride. Now I am not able to book any ride. I have dropped a email they mentioned after 6 days its due to ride setting. I changed the setting, still the issue is continuing. I have dropped a email, even after 10 days no response.. My validity is going to complete still no response.. very poor service.. It gives impression that you are cheating the voucher money..please refund or ensure i can book the rides. Thanks

    • Any Reedem Related issues please Contact on our WhatsApp +1 (929) 219 3666

  • Avi Mondal

    For Redeem visit and fill-up

  • phanikumar Gadde

    I have two problems with Sride:
    1>My Organization doesnot allow incoming and outgoing mails from outside domains at my hierarchy level. Hence I have sent my Id card copy along with my organization mail id. But its not resolved yet.
    2> Every time I put a redeem request its saying previous request has been updated. I have logged out from the app and logged in using the same registered mobile number again using the mobile number and OTP. But its not helping.

    • Avi Mondal

      For Redeem visit and fill-up THANK YOU

    • Please Contact on our WhatsApp +1 (929) 219 3666

  • Avi Mondal

    For Reedem Please Visit

  • Tushar

    Its been more than 7 days my redeem request to bank not processed and sride customer support does not bother even to provide relevant response. Their response is just copy paste everytime.

    • Contact on our WhatsApp +1 (929) 219 3666

  • Any Reedem Related issues please Contact on our WhatsApp +1 (929) 219 3666

  • Sandip Guha

    Worst service….

    I have been sending several emails related to redeem my credit points. Why this team charging a good amount of commission?
    The support team don’t even bother to response. Sometimes, it seems that credit balance can be forfeited at any point of time.

    • abhishek gupta

      True..what is the point of charging commission….Now sRide has removed all comments from this page stating the whatsapp number to contact to in case of redemption related issue. Strange it is

  • abhishek gupta

    Worst customer service ever….They don’t provide any solution but keep on assuring that the service would be resolved in 72 hours. Either they don’t know how to credit the sRide credits into the customer’s account or they are fraud.

    • abhishek gupta

      They say that the redeem request has been fulfilled but when asked about the transaction number of the redeem request, they keep mum

  • Abhijit Chitale

    Dear Officer – I’ve highlighted a major problem in coding of sride software duu to which the ride offerer like me is loosing heavy money every day. This morning, I’ve sent 11th reminder to this effect to srider support team but no one is responding. Can you please investigate at your back end team & respond ? I am extremely hurt by such response of your team. In my opinion, if some one from your senior team speaks with me, the problem can be very quickly explained & resolved.

  • Hefaz Sk

    How can I register my bike?
    Please let me know on 9640578786.

  • Prasad

    Worst service. My amount of around 5000 is in the account which is getting accumulated from over last 1 month. Amount is not being redeemed to my bank and no customer care to call and inform. I stopped posting the rides and requested ride takers to paytm or phonepe me the amount. Also Quickride is better option in this respect as amount will be transfered to paytm immediately. Strongly doesnt recommend usage of Sride. instead use sride and get the contacts and ask them to pay through paytm or phonepe

  • Uthamaraj kalyanasamy

    i am keep getting calls from Cab owners even though i have not really requested the cab….i removed the app from my phone too…even after calls keep coming

  • Chinni Krishna

    Customer service is too worst, I raised redeem request on Aug 30, 2019. the amount is not being redeemed yet. even they did not reply in email communication since for 4 days. No contact number for customer service. which is more painful to the customer. please redeem my amount immediately.

  • Deepak Patil

    Worst service. My amount of around 1700 + is in the account which is getting accumulated from over last 20 Days. Amount is not being redeemed to Amazon pay as well to my bank and no customer care to call and inform. And they have common reason to give on email that do not raise multiple request, now after requesting again on last Monday still payment redemption not done. And they are not responding to emails (which is the only way to contact). Now I am planning to stop posting the rides and requesting ride takers to paytm or GPay me the amount. And planning to have legal action against this.

    • saurabh bhalerao

      same here. really worst service

  • saurabh bhalerao

    Does anyone help me to get any phone number of this “worst sride app ” office?
    I am really disappointed with the wallet redeem service. they are not letting anyone redeem their wallet amount.

    really worst service. i would recommend quick ride instead.

  • trisha biswas

    We need to take some legal steps against these issues… It’s not acceptable from such an renowned organization

  • Pankaj Tiwari

    Sride is going to be another blunder if their redemption process is going to be like this. This is my first instance where I have not got any money redeemed to my account after raising redemption request 8 days back. And after reading people reaction I sense a cheat here. May be they have some technical problem of not doing the redemption but atleast they should have informed us prior, but no communication at all. Sride RIP.

  • Debasish

    It’s the same I have Rs 3000+ in my credit but unable to redeem . One month over !!

  • Sanjiv Paul

    Shame on S Ride ..with so many people complaining. You people are cheats? cause that’s what it looks like.

  • DR

    I have been doing Sride since 2018 but nowadays I see the wallet redemption is really takes long long time. Whenever I mail them they say that “we have technical glitch in out payment system” or we are working but this problem of delayed redemption is there since last 3 months. No idea why they are doing so, I sense a cheating here. they are holding our money in the bank for the interest.

  • Gaurav Warange

    IT is a worst service, I have redeem my amount from Sride last 10 days back still not received amount on my account. We have tray to contact through mail not getting any single reply from them. Do not recommend and use S ride app. Simply pay with G pay & phone pay.

    • Gaurav Warange

      After raising above comment we have received amount in Sride account. Thank you

  • Nishesh Dubey

    Pathetic customer support or may be they are cheating. After 1 week of redemption there is no money credited in bank account. They have closed my service request with a response transferred to bank. One support person admits in mail that payment has failed and we shall transfer to Paytm and the next day another support person says first transaction was successful hence nothing can be done. I would not suggest to use this app. I humbly request to Sride team, kindly relieve my money so I can discontinue my account.

  • Pratik

    Hello sride team,how to take money in my personal bank account from Sride account that money is currently as credits in it.please help to resolve this issue. I need to reverse this money from Credits to my bank account. Please suggest.

  • subbarao

    I have 5 rides left in the voucher.. .but as of sudden now I’m not able to book the rides with Voucher. When I send an email to Support, received response as 72 hours to wait. How they can expect for these kind of monetary issues, 72 hours of wait time. This is very pathetic. Expecting immediate response atleast for this Wallet issues. Also there is no Customer Call facility for them. Sride team is ready to deduct / accept the commission on the each ride but not taking these simple steps in the improvement.

  • Sujith Kumar Gangaraju

    I have the issue with redeem of 4000 rs, I have raised a complain through email 5 days back and i have not seen response from sride support till now. Please respond and resolve my issue at earliest to not discontinue services from Sride.

  • Anjani Kumar Gupta

    I have raised a redemption request to bank On 26th Oct 2019 but it is 1st of November I have not received my money. It seems you guys are trying to earn interest over it. There are other carpool apps like quickride please learn from them they are redeeming instantly, please learn something from them or people will simply switch to that application

  • Shrikant Desai

    Your Redemption Process is not full proof or not well tested, Sride still Credits the amount even the Name and account number is not valid or mismatch for IFSC code.

    My Redemption are done to different account number which may not exist with My Name.

  • Organization email verification is not working neither alternative method working.

  • Shekhar Srinivasan

    Dear S-ride Founding Team,
    I must say I am disappointed by your stand on the price per kilometer. Let us look at some facts. Today, an A/C bus number 125 from Kasarvadavli Thane to Powai Plaza charges Rs. 85 for a distance of 23 KM. This amounts to Rs. 3.7 / km. Your S-ride app prices every ride at a measly Rs. 2.69 / km, offering peanuts to the drivers/car owners. The bus doesn’t even offer you a confirmed seat, leave alone a comfortable ride. While you are offering a winning value proposition to the riders, your value proposition to the drivers / car owners are abysmal at best.

    Therefore, I don’t see a point why the drivers/owners should continue availing your services without being compensated proportionately. While your technology is indeed great, your value proposition sucks, at least from the car owner’s perspective. The price per km needs to rise up to at least Rs. 6 / km to break-even with the owners fuel, maintenance and insurance costs.

    To all the car owners out there, think about how we are being taken for a ride here. We deserve to be compensated better.

    Thanks anyway. If you decide to change your position on the price, feel free to give me a call on 9136650453. I might consider using your app again. For now, good bye.

  • Sourav Bera

    Dear Sride,

    I am highly disappointed with the quality of service your support team is providing.
    I am recently facing a issue, have mailed twice to your support team.
    But have received a very casual reply.
    I have bought sride voucher on 11th oct which was showing will be valid for 5 months. But recently I can see validity will end at the end of November.

    It shows your commitments we’re not met.

    This is highly discouraging for me to continue with Sride.

  • Sumitava Bhattacharya

    Hi I am unable to transfer the Wallet credit into my account. Issue since past few days. My present Wallet balance is more than Rs 2000/-. Need support.

  • Abhishek Patil

    Can i get customer care number of sride?

    I raised paytm redeem request of 800 RS two days back (3rd Dec). Amount is deducted from my sride credits today (5th Dec) but same was not credited to my Paytm account nor there is deduction entry in sride transaction list. Till today morning i had total balance of 1415 Rs but in the evening its 615 Rs.
    want my money credited to my Paytm account at the earliest.

    Upset with this.

  • Chiranjit Hazra

    I raised Bank redeem request of 1200 RS in seven days back (29th November). But amount is still not deducted from my SRIDE and same was not credited to my bank account till now. Today is the last date of this transaction. So want my money credited to my bank account as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

  • SSVA

    S-ride customer care +1 201 478 9198

  • SSVA

    Thanks anyway. If you decide to change your position on the price, feel free to give me a call on +1 201 478 9198

  • SSVA

    Thanks anyway. If you decide to change your position on the price, feel free to give me a call on +91-78277 29828 OR +91- 9223464977

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