One of the major issues that has become a constant topic of discussion, is making the world a better place to live in. Everyone has a different take on how to get there. But what’s become common is that internal drive to reach their desired destination.

Today people are constantly talking about environment issues and what part they can play to make things better. And if you’ve been keeping a tab on these conversations, you’ll know how aggressively they’re being followed up!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the massively followed Car Free Thursday – Hyderabad. People from all walks of life, all age groups, are actually getting out there to promote the one thing that has only been a distant dream all these years when it comes to ways of saving the environment – carpooling.

Even though there are still a lot many out there who aren’t too comfortable with the idea of going green in totality, hard hitting facts are definitely striking a chord with today’s generation. Most of them revolving around environment, health and finances. Here are some numbers our research in two major IT cities got us:


  • There are almost 6 lakh people who travel to and fro from Hinjewadi for work.
  • About 70% of these people travel by their own car – alone.
  • When 10% of these people carpooled once a week, there was about 1,57,500 kg of carbon dioxide reduction in the environment. That is about 7,560 ton of carbon dioxide avoided per year.


  • There are almost 4 lakh people in the HITEC City in Hyderabad.
  • About 60% of these people travel by their own commute – alone.
  • When 10% of these people carpooled once a week, there was 5,460 ton of carbon dioxide reduction in an year.

All things considered, even if each one of us makes the smallest of thought through decisions, the results can be impactful!

After all, “it’s the little things we do that matter”.

Why do we need to act today?

The environment is seriously ill. All that pollution has done it no good and no amount of movements to plant more trees in schools and colleges, is going to help cure it! And after all this time, the health of Mother Earth is our responsibility. We ought to take our duties seriously.

For that matter, all that air pollution isn’t doing us any good either. There are more and more people who are suffering from respiratory tract diseases than ever before. The flora and the fauna, are slowly dying as well.

So what can we do? Be wise.

Carpooling will not eradicate vehicles from the roads. But it will surely not let daily commuting add to the pollution as much as it does today.

Lesser cars = Lesser pollution (bonus: Lesser traffic)

What if we adopted cycling?

image source: Citizens of culture

Cycling to work has so many advantages. Physically, a 20 minutes bicycle ride will help you with smouldering around 200 calories. That would be around 400 calories a day or 2000 calories a week. Not just will cycling help you with burning fat, it will cause absolutely no harm to the earth too!

But it comes with a few drawbacks as well. Riding a bicycle amid rush hour in India is not the same as freely riding around your neighbourhood on a spring day. There are countless threats to watch out for. And let’s be honest, while cycling to a destination few miles away is a good idea, it is absolutely impractical for longer distances!

What if we chose the public transport?

image source: The City Fix

image source: The City Fix

The public transportation framework has grown progressively over the years. And while the biggest advantage of travelling together in one public vehicle remains – lesser cars on the road, it is also known as one of the most cost effective ways of commuting.  

But again, traveling by public transportation has its own detriments. Firstly, there is a whole lot of time management issues – too many stops, too much chaos, etc. And then of course, the over-crowdedness all the time is a major put off!

Exactly why people choose to drive their individual vehicles. To manage time and avoid all the crows, and rush that comes with other means of commuting.

But what if you carpooled?

You would get to travel in the comfort of a car, you’ll save money as all costs are shared by the riders, you would end up managing your time better since you can choose routes that suit you the best, and the best of all – you actually end up lessening the traffic on the road and the pollution in the environment around you!


Now isn’t that everything you wanted packed in a fancy gift wrap? Then why hold back?

Download sRide Carpool App today and give ridesharing a try, because your time and money deserve better!

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