use sRide carpooling and share rides and make buddies

use sRide carpooling and share rides and make buddies
sRide connects riders and drivers like you and me for ride sharing. More than that sRide helps you save money and reduce traffic, but the integral point which sets sRide apart from everyone else- it earns you a friend! A friend who rides with you. A friend who drives with you. A friend who make this earth better place to live with you. And in the end, that’s all that matters.

We know that in US, single occupancy vehicles account for 77% of the travel daily. That’s’ around 127 million miles every single day. That’s a lot of money wasted, and a lot of gas. And a lot of commute time spent doing nothing. If we just learnt to share a ride every time we had to make a commute, we could solve a lot of these problems.

11,000,000,000 gallons of fuel and $36,000,000,000 can be saved every year. And what does all that take? If every passenger car carried just 1 additional commuter. That’s right, we literally just need one person to make that difference. And who would this person be? You.

Savings by sride carpooling

Savings by carpooling

Ever noticed how much time we waste in our lives just sitting in the car on our way to work, driving all alone? Why don’t we carpool as much as we should? What is the key reason for all the traffic on the roads every single day? Ever thought of these questions?

sRide is making entire carpooling experience seamless using under the hood cutting technology. we are trying to make commute easier and cheaper, but most importantly, make it worth it. At sRide, we follow the motto of ‘Connect on the go’, share a ride, share a moment, and save money at the same time. It’s your personal carpool tool- an easy way to find safe and friendly ride partners, and bring about a lifestyle change moving away from self-owned automobile dependency to shared services and active transportation. Think of it as a revolution in the world of carpooling: your one-stop (pun intended) shop to find a ride when you are on the go. What makes us different?

So what do you do next? Download sRide iOS or sRide Android mobile application now and start using carPooling today !!

Do you have better way to earn a new friend, let us know in comment.

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