Life has changed and there’s no doubt in that. Remember how the social conventions were a couple of decades ago? Well yes, the society was very conservative then. Females were not allowed to move about openly and many were not even allowed to work. Life of a female in India was tied around a few poles; father, brother and then husband. But thankfully enough, that’s not the case now.

Indian society in general has matured and enriched over the past few years. Call it the international exposure, MNC based work culture or impact of technology, but our lives have definitely changed. Female members of the society are not only working freely, they are independent as ever and racking havoc, while they are at it!

Millions of ladies move about to and from work in India, and every individual lady has a particular choice of conveyance. While some stick to the basics and prefer travelling by public transport, many others like the freedom of their own ride. While taxi and cab rides are reserved for urgent times in most of the cases, still it is an option, when in need.

Amidst all these preferences, one option of commuting is fast picking pace and is becoming one of the most preferred choices by females. This option is of carpooling, and there are many reasons for it becoming so popular:

  1. Economical

Females are better managers! The corporate exposure and Business Administration postgraduate degrees have developed a new creed of smart females. Ladies calculate the travelling cost and manage their finances very well. Carpooling is the best option if someone is travelling in the same direction every day. Instead of driving solo, females like to share a ride and control travel cost.

  1. Safety

With carpooling apps like sRide, females feel secure and safe. Each and every member of the service is verified with valid identification. Females enjoy the peace of mind while availing the service and are ready to carpool with fellow members. Once, the members get acquainted, there is great amount of comfort level which develops among the members. Better be safe than sorry!

Don’t believe us? One our users, Swagatika Biswas does! And she even told Pune Mirror about it.

  1. Better than taxis

Now, it is not the case that taxis are completely unsafe or there are cases of crime involving a cab driver; every now and then. It’s just that any isolated case involving a cab driver or service provider; as and when it happens, puts off several ladies. It is a form of trust which exists on very fragile line. Moreover, extensive degradation of cab and taxi drivers by certain social media groups has promoted a sense of fear among many females who frequent the roads. In such a situation, ladies are finding “carpooling” a better option, as compared to taxi services.

  1. No public transport limitations

Public transport is widely used, but there are certain limitations pertaining to it. Public transport, whether bus or metro has a limited grid where the service is available. In any city, the interior areas have limited or no access to public transport. Females, who opt for buses or trains, often have to walk a distance to and from their respective bus/train station. This is one of the major reasons, more and more ladies are choosing carpool as a travel option. Why walk, when you can ride!

  1. Making new friends

Ladies are social! Yes, they are more social than their male counterparts. Females always like to have a healthy and vibrant social circle, which is full of people from vivid backgrounds. By the way, which lady doesn’t like some gossip?! Carpooling services are filling the void, or so as to say, providing a great socializing opportunity in disguise. Ladies opt for the service and choose their ride-buddy, which enhances their social circle and gets them more gossip!! It’s more fun than riding solo.

  1. Doing their bit for the environment

The highly savvy and modern lady doesn’t hold back while doing her bit for the ecological balance. Thanks to the numerous eco-friendly campaigns worldwide, more and more people are joining hands and participating to make the world a better place to live in. Ladies are taking pride in shouldering the effort, and carpooling is providing as a valid portal. Females like the idea of sharing rides, which lessens the number of vehicles on the roads. Less pollution = more smiles!

It won’t be wrong to say that ladies are the torch bearers in promoting carpooling services. It is evident from the market figures that more female users choose to travel by carpooling as compared to males. So, once again psychological studies, which concluded that females have a knack for accepting futuristic ideas, are being proved correct. However, men are quickly following suite in this direction. Female empowerment, anyone?!

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