Carpooling is not unknown anymore and the trend is achieving new levels of success every day. More and more people are being introduced to the world of shared rides a.k.a. carpooling. The trend is catching up fast among the youth of today the and is definitely making a lot more sense to those who travel in a particular direction more often.

When you travel to and fro between the same points, you tend to lose interest in travelling solo and after some time, you just need some company. And that’s where carpooling comes in!

“Man is a social animal.”

Well yes it’s true, and carpooling is making people live this proverb. What started as an experimental trend in the west a few years ago, is creating ripples in the east, so much so that it is on its way to becoming one of the largest social movements.

And there have to be more than one benefits of it to be catching up with all at this scale! Here are some of them:

1. Saves Fuel

It’s been years since the campaign against overuse of fuel started. There is a common sentiment shared between governments, research facilities and social groups on an international level that we as a planet are running out of this precious resource.

While many efforts have been made to overcome the crisis on a smaller and personal level, carpooling is proving to be the most effective of them all. There is a collective appeal associated with the trend of carpooling, which motivates people to adopt it and be a part of the international campaigning. While more people share rides when traveling in a common direction, this trend is saving tons of fuel.

2. Shared Cost

Apart from saving fuel, you also end up sharing the cost of what you’ve used – resulting in the overall travel cost becoming a lot more lighter on the pocket. When you carpool, all expenses are met equally by the participating individuals. This includes the fuel cost as well as overhead expenses if any, such as toll tax, parking fees etc. Amazing way to save money, isn’t it?

3. Make Friends

This is one of the most sought after benefits of carpooling! All you need to do is search for carpooling individuals in your vicinity using sRide, pick ride that suits you best and hop on for an exciting journey with new people! And the best part? You never come across a shady character because we always verify our users before they can share a ride! Great news, right? Now go ahead and make some new friends!

4. Say Bye to Stress

Sometimes talking to someone is all you need to destress. Now if you carpool, you will always have somebody to talk to about work, share your concerns with and get some advice as well. You don’t just share the negatives, but become a part of even the positives of each other lives, that are bound to lighten your mood even after a stressed day at work!  Carpooling buddies are your new ‘bffs’ – trust us!

5. Saves Time

Carpooling is taking over most metropolitan cities today. Recently, we saw the Gurgaon Traffic Police setting aside a separate lane for those who were carpooling at the toll booth. carpooling cars at a toll both. Lesser the cars, lesser the traffic and more the time saved!

Car free Thursdays in Hyderabad and soon to be started Car Free Tuesdays in Gurgaon, surely speak of how traffic, stress and the increased carbon footprint in the environment is becoming a common worry. We won’t be surprised if the other metropolitan cities followed suite and started such events!

Carpooling is offering limitless opportunities to the society at large and it is just a matter of time that it will be called the most popular way of commuting on a regular basis. Hop on to the bandwagon of carpoolers and be the cool that inspires the cool!

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