A traveler is a person of unlimited dreams, and all these dreams are lived through the journey he makes. The dreams of discovering new and exotic places, the dream of meeting new and interesting people and the bigger dream of making life’s journey worthwhile, is everything he cares about.

While travelling should be on everyone’s list, budgeting plays a very important part too. You can’t manage frequent travels if you go all out splurging on one destination. Take it from team sRide, we travel a lot – sometimes for fun, sometimes for work and sometimes to meet you all!

We always tell you why you need to carpool and talk about traffic, so we decided to share our personal travel handbook to show you we don’t just propagate a cause, but also keep up with it.

So before you make the next trip, here are a few things to keep in mind to make it fun – not just for you, but also your bank balance!

1. Carry ample change

Everyone carries their cards around, but carrying that much cash is just calling trouble. But you should always have ample change with you. In a place that you haven’t visited before, it is pointless to be relying on others to tend you change. Carry money in all denominations to be on the safer side!

“Even though I was carrying sufficient tenners, that Rs 7 tea became nothing short of a life crisis.”

  • Neha, travelled to Jaipur

2. Choose smart travelling

If you’re on a budget trip or plan to splurge in some shopping from the destination, choose to travel smart instead of luxury. While it is absolutely ridiculous to ask you to take the local – after all you’re there for a comfort break, carpooling should become your primary choice. You will find someone travelling to the same destination as you when you have smart carpooling apps like sRide carpool app.

sRide Team member, Nitin Chadha, travelling from GREEN COUNCIL meeting to HITEC City Hyderabad, India with GREEN CHAMPION of IT industry- "Uday Shankar"

sRide Team member, Nitin Chadha, travelling from GREEN COUNCIL meeting to HITEC City Hyderabad, India with GREEN CHAMPION of IT industry- “Uday Shankar”

“Travelled to Hyderabad recently. And everyone knows what the traffic is like! So decided to carpool using sRide itself. I not just travelled at a pocket friendly cost, but made a new friend in a new city. Double whammy!”

  • Nitin, travelled to Hyderabad and carpooled with sRide

3. Create an itinerary

Never go to a city thinking you’ll just walk down the street and discover it all – you will actually end up missing things that are worth visiting! Before leaving, create a list of places you would want to visit – Google is the best guide, trust us. And ensure you have a few e-books or novels with you as well to spend time with during the transit!

“Thought going to Mumbai from Pune was going to take about 2 hours tops. Ended up spending 5 hours on the road thanks to a flat tire. Didn’t have anything to kill time with! Lessons learnt.”

  • Vanhi, travelled from Pune to Mumbai

4. Carry a small first aid box

No one expects you to go all medic with this one, but the first thing you should keep in your travel bag is a small first aid box. Keep a few generic medicines – anti-allergic, cold and flu, paracetamol, digene, dettol, bandage, pain killers and of course, your prescribed medicines if any. You can’t just cry help in an emergency when you know no one!

“Suffer from migraine and forgot taking my medicines while on a business trip. But thankfully the guy I carpooled with had some stock of disprin in his dashboard. Some relief!”

  • Amit, carpooled in Chennai using sRide

5. Book in advance

Hotel bookings at the last minute are an absolute no-no for us. Always check out deals before making your accommodation bookings. Consider youth hostels, home stays and flat rentals as well if the trip is longer. Always keep in mind that your accommodation cost shouldn’t eat into your other expenses.

6. Check the weather and pack smart

Climate plays a big part in determining what you need to pack. While the essentials go without saying, there could always be something additional that you might have to take along with you. Pack only what is required, and things that can get matched with multiple outfits. Carrying a jacket or a stole just to be on the safer side of things is a good idea considering how drastically the weather around us is changing.


A successful business trip or family vacation not just depends on planning, but also the smart choices you make when you reach the destination.

Ready for budget trips? Cut down on your travel costs within the city by 50% by carpooling. Download sRide Carpool App today for Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune trips!

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